The presidium of the seminar

This was among a series of activities in celebration of 50 years of the victory (December 1972-2022), jointly organized by the Ministry of National Defense, the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education, the Ministry of Public Security, and the Hanoi Party Committee.

The seminar drew the participation of nearly 700 delegates including over 20 historical witnesses with direct engagement in the resounding victory. Some 130 reports were sent to the organizers.

Addressing the event, Director of the General Department of Political Affairs General Luong Cuong emphasized that 50 years ago, in the last days of December 1972, the whole world was amazed to witness B-52 stratofortresses  - a symbol of the U.S. air force’s power - were destroyed in the sky of Hanoi. Thang Long - Dong Do recorded another victory named “Hanoi - Dien Bien Phu in the Air,” one of the greatest feats-of-arms of Vietnam in the 20th century.

General Luong Cuong addresses the event.

That glorious victory defeated the largest-scale strategic air raid since the Second World War, forcing the U.S. government to declare the cease of bombardment over the North of Vietnam, sign the Paris Peace Accords, ending the war, restoring peace in Vietnam, retreating all troops, creating an important turning point for our troops and people to win in the resistance war against U.S. invaders and bring entire victory to the country.

The "Hanoi - Dien Bien Phu in the air" victory demonstrated heroic mettle, bravery and wisdom, was an epic written with the will and strength of the Vietnamese people in the Ho Chi Minh era. It also proved the ingenious leadership of the Party and the genius forecast of President Ho Chi Minh: "The U.S. only loses after the loss in the sky of Hanoi."

Participants at the seminar

At the event, participants made clear the context at home and abroad, analyzed the plots, tricks and battle plans of the U.S. imperialists when conducting the strategic air raid on Hanoi, Hai Phong and neighboring localities. They also clarified the right, creative guidelines, policies, leadership and direction of the Party Central Committee, the Central Military Commission, and the Ministry of National Defense during the opening of the Hanoi - Hai Phong air defense campaign. Also, the  stature, meaning, causes of the victory and lessons drawn to apply and promote in the national construction and defense cause in the new situation were also highlighted.

According to a report delivered by Lieutenant General Trinh Van Quyet, Deputy Director of the General Department of Political Affairs, with active, proactive preparation, and high sense of spirit and determination, the air defense - air force, together with the troops and people of Hanoi, Hai Phong and other northern provinces and cities, shot down 81 aircraft of all kinds, including 34 B-52s in 12 days and nights.

Delegates exchange on the sidelines of the seminar.

Earlier, on December 8, the steering committee and the organizing panel of the seminar, led by Lieutenant General Tran Ngoc Quyen, Secretary of the Party Committee, Political Commissar of the Air Defense - Air Force Service and other delegates offered flowers and incense in tribute to President Ho Chi Minh and other fallen troops of the Air Defense - Air Force Service who laid down their lives for national freedom and independence and national sky protection.

Also on December 8, the seminar’s steering committee and organizers visited and presented gifts to some policy beneficiary families in Hanoi.

An exchange under the theme “Memory of 50 years of Hanoi - Dien Bien Phu in the air victory” was held the same day by the Air Defense - Air Force Service in collaboration with the Hanoi University of Science and Technology.

Translated by Chung Anh