Participants, who are students studying international relations and Asian studies at the university, had a chance to watch a documentary on the historic victory which marked the end of the French colonialism and created a turning point that led to the signing of the Geneva Agreement (July 21, 1954) to end the war and restore peace in Indochina.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Israel Ly Duc Trung speaks at the seminar.

Vietnamese Ambassador to Israel Ly Duc Trung also introduced Vietnam's socio-economic achievements in recent years, the process of Vietnam transforming from a war-torn country to an attractive destination for foreign investors and tourists, and the developments of Vietnam-Israel relations since the two countries set up diplomatic ties (July 12, 1993 - 2024).

The students expressed their excitement at the information received from the seminar.

Participants at the event

Manana Shimsilashvili, a local student who majors in Japanese studies, said that Vietnam has an admirable history, adding that the nation has had to face many difficulties but it knows how to overcome them. In this sense, Vietnam is a source of inspiration for all nations, she continued.

Previously, the ambassador and staff of the Vietnamese Embassy in Israel also engaged in a discussion on the above-mentioned topic with some lecturers and scholars of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and representatives of the Israel-Vietnam Friendship Association.

Source: VNA