Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City municipal Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen speaking at the event

Under the theme “Nam Ky Uprising- indomitable will and aspirations for national independence,” the event was part of the activities to mark the 80th anniversary of the Nam Ky Uprising (November 23).

The seminar was an opportunity for the whole Party, military, and people to recall the glorious struggle against French colonialists, show gratitude to the heroic martyrs who laid down their lives for national independence and freedom and happiness of people, and educate young generations of patriotism.

Speaking at the event, Secretary of the Ho Chi Minh City municipal Party Committee Nguyen Van Nen emphasized that under the leadership of the Communist Party of Vietnam, the Vietnamese people created many important events that have left both theoretical and practical valuable lessons. The Nam Ky Uprising was one of those events which marked the South as the “Iron Fortress” of the Fatherland. The uprising also served as a practical basis for the Party to issue sound guidelines leading the Vietnamese people to later conduct the August Revolution successfully.

Although the uprising failed, the indomitable will and sacrifices of southern people has been written down in the history of the national construction and defense cause of the Vietnamese people, Nen added.

During the seminar, more than 70 reports giving reviews of the historical context, guidelines, preparations, scale, and achievements of the uprising were presented.

Delegates also highlighted the indomitable spirit of the Southern people in particular and the Vietnamese people in general in the resistance war for national independence. They highlighted the historical significance and drew valuable lessons from the uprising for current national construction and defense cause.

Delegates at the seminar

80 years ago, the Nam Ky Uprising broke out in 20 out of the 21 provinces and cities in the South, starting a national-scaled uprising. The uprising rocked the ruling regime of French colonialists and their henchmen and destroyed the French ruling governments in some southern localities. The Southern people’s indomitable spirit and their aspirations for independence and freedom inspired the struggle for national salvation of the Vietnamese people. 

Translated by Tran Hoai