At the ceremony

The remains were found by the search team of Vietnam's Military Region 2 in the Lao province of Luang Prabang in their first searching mission during the 2022 - 2023 dry season. Those four fallen soldiers have not been identified.

Speaking at the memorial ceremony, Vice Chairman of the provincial People’s Committee Vu A Bang said that the solidarity and bonds between the two peoples of Vietnam and Laos have lasted for decades, especially in the revolutionary struggle against their common enemy.

The great dedication and sacrifice of Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and experts in Laos have become a shining symbol of revolutionary heroism and the aspiration for independence, freedom, and happiness.

According to the Military Region 2, the search team found 10 sets of remains in northern Laos during the trip. The six other sets of remains have been identified, and have been returned to their families for burial according to the local customs and their families’ wishes.

Source: VNA