The recipients were 90 Vietnamese heroic mothers, wounded soldiers, policy beneficiary families, and national contributors.

Besides, each of three policy beneficiary families in Tan Thanh district received VND 80 million from the GDP to build houses.

Lieutenant General Le Hien Van presents gifts to Vietnamese heroic mothers in Tan An city

Speaking at the gift-presenting ceremony, General Van expressed gratitude to the recipients for their sacrifice for the national revolutionary cause. Inquiring about their health and living conditions, General Van hoped that they would continue honoring the tradition of the national revolution, set exemplary models in observing and encouraging others to implement the Party’s guidelines and the State’s laws, consolidate solidarity in the localities, and to make more contributions to local development.

The military political chief emphasized that the GDP, local Party organizations, authorities and armed forces will continue to carry out the caring activities for Vietnamese heroic mothers, policy families and national contributors.

Lieutenant General Le Hien Van gives gifts to Vietnamese heroic mothers in Tan Thanh district

Earlier in the day, the mission was accompanied by provincial political organizations and offered flowers and incense to commemorate fallen soldiers at the provincial war cemetery. They also gave gifts to the management board of the cemetery.

Apart from the GDP’s gifts, the province’s benificiaries also received presents, each worth VND 500,000, from Military Region 7.

Translated by Mai Huong