His life and revolutionary career were associated with the history of the heroic revolutionary struggle of the Party and the nation. Throughout his revolutionary cause, as the Head of the Government, he did his utmost to accomplish all assigned tasks, deserving the trust of the Party, Government and people.

An art performance during the event

During the national resistance war against foreign invaders, he was tasked with many positions. He overcame difficulties and challenges to gain resounding victories for the whole country.

After national reunification, in many different positions, he closely grasped the situation, and worked with the Party and State to make appropriate guidelines and policies in each period. As the Head of the Government, he was determined to carry out important works, especially the North - South 500kV transmission line, T5 irrigation project, among others.

Delegates cutting ribbon to launch the exhibition 

The exhibition includes two parts. The first part introduces images, documents and artifacts featuring Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet’s life and revolutionary career. The second part displays images, documents and artifacts of generals making great contribution to the construction and development cause of the MR9 armed forces.

Delegates visiting the exhibition 

The exhibition is to pay tribute to Prime Minister Vo Van Kiet and other generals for their great contribution to the revolutionary cause of the Party and people, the construction and development of the VPA and MR9 armed forces, thereby preserving and promoting the traditional values of the nation.

The exhibition is scheduled to take place from November 22 to the end of next month.

Translated by Minh Anh