Guiding the guests through the site of the dioxin decontamination project in Da Nang Airport, Major General Bui Anh Chung introduced the situation of UXO- and dioxin-contamination in Vietnam and the bilateral cooperation in dealing with consequences of the war.

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Statistics show that all provinces and cities in Vietnam are still contaminated with UXO. The total area of contaminated land is about 61,300, accounting for 18.82% of the country’s area.

At present, the three areas which are most contaminated with dioxin are Bien Hoa, Phu Cat and Da Nang airports. The dioxin residue in the land can, and does, seriously affect people’s health and socio-economic development in these localities.

The MND has cooperated with USAID in dealing with this contaminated land. The two sides have treated 90,000 cubic meters of contaminated soil and mud at Da Nang Airport at a cost of USD 100 million from the non-refundable ODA of the US and VND 60 billion (about USD 2.64 million) from the Government of Vietnam.

Vietnam and the US have also actively conducted joint search for US servicemen’s remains.

Translated by Huu Duong