The veterans and the fallen soldiers’ families offered incense and then released rafts with flowers on the Han River in memory of the soldiers.

A veteran pay tribute to fallen soldiers at the ceremony.

Head of a liaison committee for Truong Sa veterans Nguyen Van Tan said among the fallen soldiers in the Gac Ma battle, nine were from Da Nang and one from neighboring Quang Nam province.

Tan stressed that their bravery sacrifice will be remembered forever and that they have made the Vietnam People’s Navy’s history more glorious.

The event aims to not only pay homage to the soldiers who lost their lives in safeguarding the country’s sovereignty but also inspire patriotism among young people, said Colonel Hoang Duy Lap, former commander of the navy’s Engineer Regiment 83 who directly fought in the battle at Truong Sa in 1988.

Dong A University took the occasion to present ten gift packages, worth 1 million VND (43.71 USD) each, to families of the fallen soldiers in Quang Nam and Da Nang.

Source: VNA