At the memorial and burial service

The remains of unidentified martyrs were found at coordinates 68 - 98 on Chu Pa mountain in Ia Kreng commune, Chu Pah district, Gia Lai province.

The site used to be a garrison and combat area of the Central Highlands Front units in the resistance war against the U.S. imperialists.

Belongings of the fallen troops found

According to Lieutenant Colonel Vo Quan, Deputy Head of the Search and Collection Team of Army Corps 3, during the search, the team members found remains of fallen soldiers at different places some 20 meters from each other. What the team found included rotten shinbone and broken ones. In addition, other belongings of the martyrs, such as canvas, wallet, parachute cord, toothpaste, nail clipper, flashlight case, and dagger engraved with faded words “Luu.”

The memorial and burial service took place at Gia Lai provincial War Cemetery.

Translated by Chung Anh