Among the activities was a meeting held by the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Chapter of former Political Volunteer Officers of Command 719 in Hanoi, with the participation of former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu, Chairman of the Vietnam-Cambodia Friendship Association Vu Mao, generals, officers, non-commissioned officers and former volunteer soldiers and advisors who did the noble international service in Cambodia.

During the event, participants had an opportunity to learn more about the schemes of the Pol Pot genocidal regime and their bloody crimes to the Vietnamese and Cambodian people through stories and memories shared by former General Secretary Le Kha Phieu.

Phieu hoped that the Vietnam-Cambodian Friendship Association will further develop, contributing to strengthening the solidarity and traditional friendship of the two peoples. 

Delegates participating in the meeting in Hanoi in a group photo

* Addressing a meeting held by Dong Nai Provincial People’s Council, People’s Committee and Fatherland Front Committee, Consul General of Cambodia in Ho Chi Minh City Im Hen said that the victory on January 7, 1979 put an end to the painful period of the history of Cambodia and opened up an era of confidence and hope for the country.

The Cambodian people forever bear in mind the great contributions of the Vietnamese volunteer soldiers and advisors in general and Dong Nai province in particular to the Cambodian people’s struggle to overthrow the genocidal regime of Pol Pot.

He deeply thanked the Vietnamese Party’s, Government’s and people’s invaluable assistance for Cambodia over the past years.

* Meanwhile, cadres of information and education agency, reporters, publishers and artists from Ho Chi Minh City joined a trip to pay tribute to fallen soldiers who laid down their lives during the Southwestern border protection war.

At Tan Bien district’s commemorative area for volunteer youths and war cemetery, participants offered incense and flowers and recalled troops’ and volunteer youths’ contributions to the national protection cause.

Translated by Tran Hoai