Earlier, at 9:00 January 4, Tug boat EVERLINE 3 and Malaysian Barge MANYPLUS 5  experienced an engine breakdown and the barge with three crew-members on board went adrift while traveling from Thailand to Ho Chi Minh City.

Ship 954 approaches Tug boat EVERLINE 3. Photo: baohaiquanvietnam.vn

On receiving the mayday signal, Vietnamese functional forces called on ships near the site to search for the barge. Naval Ship 954 (in Hon Chuoi, Ca Mau province) and Naval Ship 627 (in Ca Mau Shoals) were sent for the rescue.

Barge MANYPLUS 5 was found drifting about 70 nautical miles off Tho Chu Island, Kien Giang province on the following day. Ship 954 then towed the distressed barge to Tho Chu Island and handed it over to Tug boat TC Dragon.

The barge is expected to reach Vung Tau at 16:00 on January 11.

Translated by Huong Ly