Earlier, at 07:00 October 22, while searching for missing fishermen on board a trawler of Quang Nam province in the Truong Sa waters, Ship 8002 of the Coast Guard Region 2 Command was tasked to contact and give support to trawler QNg 95690TS whose crew-member named Bui Thanh Vu, born in 1975, had a stroke and was in a state of  unconsciousness from time to time with single-sided deafness. The trawler with Kieu Tan Thi at the helm was fishing some 300 nautical miles from the East of Quy Nhon city, Binh Dinh province.

Doctor of Ship 8002 providing healthcare for fisherman Bui Thanh Vu

At 08:30 the same day, after checking the health conditions of the troubled fisherman, the medical crew of Ship 8002 concluded that he was still in a state of low blood pressure, sometimes awake and sometimes unconscious. He was then taken to Ship 8002 for further care and brought ashore in the afternoon. At Dung Quat port, Quang Ngai province, Ship 8002 handed over fisherman Bui Thanh Vu to the provincial Border Guard Command.

* At 13:45 on October 23, helicopter EC225 of the Southern Vietnam Helicopter Company under the Vietnam Helicopter Corporation successfully flew two patients from Song Tu Tay (Southwest Cay) and Sinh Ton (Sin Cowe) islands of the Truong Sa archipelago to Military Hospital 175 in Ho Chi Minh City for treatment.

Taking the victim to the helicopter

The helicopter received the mission of flying a fisherman of trawler QNg 90289-TS who was cared at Song Tu Tay Island Infirmary to Military Hospital 175 on October 22 afternoon. The crew included pilot Colonel Pham Ngoc Hoai, co-pilots Senior Captains Duong Van Truong and Luong Manh Tuan, and technician Non-commissioned Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Huu Tuan.

Checking the fishermen's health conditions before taking off

At 23:00 the same day, the helicopter departed from Vung Tau Airport for Tan Son Nhat International Airport to pick up the medical crew of Military Hospital 175. On the way to Song Tu Tay Island, the flight crew picked up Non-commissioned Lieutenant Colonel Le Xuan Huan suffering multiple injuries and a broken left clavicle on Sinh Ton Island. The fisherman, Nguyen Sang, suffered severe type 2 decompression, and multi-site embolism. Both patients were in serious health conditions.

The fishermen is taken to the hospital.

Receiving the patients, the medical crew gave them emergency aid and ensured their safety during the flight.

Translated by Song Anh