Recent days, prolonged heavy rain in Phu Yen province has caused water levels in rivers to rise rapidly. Thus, hydroelectric power plants have discharged water, flooding many houses and rural roads.

Phu Yen troops are ready to take search and rescue missions.

According to a report of the Military Command of Dong Xuan district, 15 hectares of crops are flooded. Many parts of inter-district roads are from 1-1.6 meters underwater and severely damaged. A serious landslide on a section of Road 19C between Xuan Long and Xuan Lanh communes with the volume of about 900m3 has caused a severe traffic jam in the area.

Amid the complicated developments of the flood, troops and militiamen have cooperated with local forces to evacuate around 700 households with around 2,200 people to safer places. As La Hieng 2 hydroelectric power plant is overflowing at a flow rate of 540 m3/s, forces are on standby to continue evacuating locals to safer places.

In Dong Hoa town, heavy rain has caused the water level in the Ban Thach River to rise quickly, isolating Hiep Dong commune with 170 households and Thach Tuan 2 of Hoa Dong Xuan commune with 75 households. Many residential areas are soaked 1.5m in floodwater.

In Song Hinh district, the Phu Yen provincial Military Command has mobilized 11 officers, 20 non-commissioned officers form the Military Command of Song Hinh district and militiamen to move 200 households to safe places. A section of Road 29 in Duc Binh Dong commune of Song Hinh district was swept away by flood water. The road management unit and militiamen immediately constructed a temporary section to ensure smooth traffic.

According to Deputy Chief of Staff and Head of Search and Rescue Team of the Phu Yen provincial Military Command Colonel Tran Trung Thuy, the unit has sent three rescue teams with 30 troops and 11 canoes to evacuate thousands of households in Dong Hoa town of Phu Hoa district. At present, 4 search and rescue teams with more than 40 personnel are on standby to undertake missions as requested.

Troops in Binh Dinh province evacuate locals to safer areas. (Photo: bienphong)

According to the provincial Steering Committee for Natural Disaster Prevention and Search and Rescue, as the water level is rising, other hydroelectric power plants in the province have to discharge water, flooding many houses and roads.

A similar situation is happening in Binh Dinh province. Many houses and crops have been flooded, and roads have been damaged. In particular, in An Lao district, a man was swept away by flood water, hundreds of houses have been submerged 0.2-0.3m underwater. Meanwhile, around 1,000 houses in An Hao Tay, An Hao, An Tin and An My communes in Hoai An districts are in the same situation. In Tay Son district, rice and other crops have been flooded and damaged by heavy rain, and landslides have occurred in different locations. Various measures have been taken to minimize losses of human and property.

In response to the circumstance, under the instruction of the provincial Border Guard Command, border posts have mobilized its personnel to coordinate with military units, public security force, militiamen and local youth union chapters in isolated areas to conduct evacuation and provide food supplies to 60 households in Chanh Loi hamlet of Cat Khanh commune, Phu Cat district.

Translated by Tran Hoai