According to statistics reported by the centers for Logistics and Engineering of Truong Sa and Sinh Ton islands, and the two fishing villages of Toc Tan and Nui Le, the Truong Sa Archipelago is currently experiencing strong winds at level 7-10, rough seas with 3-4meter high waves due to the storm.

Naval soldiers evacuate over 500 people to avoid storm No.14

The fishing villages, managed by Squadron 129, received over 500 fishermen to shelter from the storm.

In addition, troops of the Squadron 128 on Song Tu Tay island ensured safe anchorage sites for 6 fishing boats with 35 crew-members on board.

Amid the complicated situation of storm No.14, the Saigon Newport Corporation asked Squadrons 128 and 129 and other relevant agencies to actively map out synchronous and effective measures to cope with the storm, immediately direct fishing boats operating in the possibly-storm-hit sea to quickly take shelter, as well as ready forces, equipment and vehicles for rescue missions.

Translated by Quynh Oanh