Through practical activities, reputable people have become a bridge, tightening military-civilian solidarity and promoting synergy in safeguarding territorial sovereignty, national border security, and ensuring peace in residential areas.

Grasping local situation to understand people

In order to promote the whole people’s strength to join hands with the border guard to protect national sovereignty and border security, border troops have enhanced the role of reputable people in popularizing the Party’s guidelines and policies and the State’s law. Reputable people have grown up in border areas. All year round, they take part in production activities in the areas to take care of their families; therefore, they know the way around in border areas and border markers like the palm of their hands. Meanwhile, the reputable people clearly understand local people’s thoughts, feelings, and aspirations.

Xeo Pho Um stands by troops of Keng Du Border Post in managing and protecting national border.

Reality proves that reputable people in border areas are “leaders” of movements and models launched by local authorities and border troops. Over the past years, Xeo Pho Um, a reputable man in Khe Linh village, Keng Du commune, Ky Son district, and the village’s self-management groups have stood by border troops during patrols along the border and border markers. According to the border guards, Xeo Pho Um has actively coordinated with the locality and border stations to conduct law dissemination and education among local people on the protection of national sovereignty and border security. With his prestige, he has mobilized 57 Kho Mu ethnic households in Khe Linh village to participate in self-management groups to manage the borderline and border markers.

Xeo Pho Um shared that he always reminds his children and grandchildren that border protection is the duty of each person, not only the border guard force. In order to maintain a peaceful life, people should provide relevant information for border troops and local authorities to handle arising issues in a timely manner. He has also mobilized his children and other young people in the village to join hands with border troops of Keng Du Border Station in patrolling the borderline.

Gratitude activities for reputable people

Recognizing the important role of reputable people, the Party and State have implemented a number of policies for them. Particularly, the Prime Minister issued Decision No.18/2011/QD-TTg dated March 18, 2011 and replaced by Decision No.12/2018/QD-TTg dated March 6, 2018 to implement policies for ethnic reputable people.

Keng Du Border Post and local people conduct patrols along the borderline and border markers.

In border areas, reputable people have become a “fulcrum” of people and border troops in task performance. At the meeting with the delegation of ethnic people from Cao Bang in November, 2023, Major General Phung Quoc Tuan, Deputy Political Commissar of the Vietnam Border Guard Command, underscored the significant role of reputable people among ethnic minority groups in collaborating with the border guard force to manage and protect national sovereignty and border security. They are the central factor in implementing the “Whole people join hands to safeguard national sovereignty and border security in the new situation” movement. Therefore, the Vietnam Border Guard Command has paid close attention to directing border stations in border areas to conduct gratitude activities for reputable people, thereby contributing to taking care of their health and raising the quality of their spiritual and material life.

Meanwhile, border troops have inquired after families of reputable people to follow the local situational developments. Border stations have sent medical staff to provide health check-ups for reputable people.

According to Hoang Xin Phu, born in 1954, a La Chi ethnic reputable man in Ban May commune, Hoang Su Phu district, Ha Giang province, the local authority and border guard force have attached importance to taking care of the life of people and reputable people in the locality. The military-civilian ties have been constantly deepened, contributing to protecting the borderline and border markers and boosting socio-economic development.

Source: baobienphong

Translated by Quynh Oanh