He always supports and shares experience in fishing with local people. In addition, he is also active in all movements launched by local authorities, and Linh Huynh Border Post under the Kien Giang provincial Border Guard Command.

Over the past time, he has been one of the outstanding fishermen in disseminating laws in Linh Huynh commune, especially in the fight against illegal, unreported and unregulated (IUU) fishing.

Old Vo Ngoc Thu (first, left), together with border officers, disseminates law to local people.

In Linh Huynh commune, local authorities held that Thu is a well-known person in the area. The local people are also well aware of Thu’s activities towards the community and local people’s life.

Major Pham Van Phu, Vice Political Commissar of Linh Huynh Border Post, stated that as a war veteran, despite the old age, he has actively taken part in all movements launched by the locality and border units. He is always present whenever needed. In addition, he is willing to provide vehicle and equipment, and together with local authorities and border troops to mobilize local fishermen to follow State laws and prevent IUU fishing.

In the past, when he was younger, he used to lead eight trawlers to go fishing at sea. More than 20 years working as a captain of a trawler, he never once violated IUU fishing regulations. In recent years, due to his old age, Thu handed over the task to his relatives. Since then, he has spent time implementing social work in the locality. He also reminds his relatives of not going fishing illegally.

Old Vo Ngoc Thu (second from right) reads document about IUU prevention and control.

Over the past years, Thu has participated in all law dissemination programs of the local authorities and border units, then he has disseminated the acquired knowledge to his relatives and local people. Via the programs, the functional organs listen to Thu’s comments and feedback, as well as ask him to call on local people to observe all the disseminated contents.

“I will do my utmost to mobilize all fishermen to protect fishing areas so as to regenerate aquatic resources and seafood for younger generations, especially not to go fishing in illegal areas,” said Thu.

With his contribution to social work in the locality, Thu has been honored with many certificates of merit. For him, the greatest happiness is, together with the government and functional forces, to bring knowledge about laws to all people in the coastal areas.

Translated by Minh Anh