Accordingly, at 10:00 on August 18, Ship 711 of Flotilla 129 received the information while performing duty at sea.

At the scene

At 14:30 the same day, Ship 711 approached the distressed trawler and mobilized a technical team to check the trawler.

In detail, the trawler had two holes in freezer compartments No.1 and No.5, causing flooding with a water level of 1.2 meters. At that time, the trawler contained around 15 tons of fish.

Troops of Ship 711 and the fishermen discussing rescue plan

At 14:40, troops of Ship 711 absorbed the water in the compartments and moved fishermen and properties on board to other trawlers.

On August 19, Ship 711 inspected the trawler to make plans to fix and tow it ashore.

As reported, trawler BD 98172, captained by Phan Thom from Tam Quan commune, Hoai Nhon district, Binh Dinh province, had 15 crew-members on board.

Source: baohaiquan

Translated by Quynh Oanh