Gen. Le Chiem and his mission offered incense at the Martyrs’ Shrine of Thai Binh province in commemoration of the fallen soldiers who sacrificed their blood and flesh, youthfulness, and lives for national liberation and reunification.

The mission also inquired after Vietnamese heroic mothers, families of wounded soldiers and martyrs, and presented gifts to them. During the visit, Gen. Le Chiem expressed deep gratitude to their contributions and sacrifices, and hoped that they will overcome their difficulties and live happily.

Gen. Le Chiem and Vietnamese Heroic Mother Nguyen Thi Sa 

In addition, the mission handed over 30 gifts to families of policy beneficiary families and outstanding national contributors in Thai Binh province.

Speaking at the meeting with the Military Command of Thai Binh province, Gen. Le Chiem acknowledged, and highly praised its achievements in recent years; especially the implementation of policies to take care of wounded and sick soldiers, martyrs' families, and Vietnamese heroic mothers.

He also asked the province’s military to pay attention and care for national contributors in line with the guidelines and policies of the Party and State and the regulations of the Ministry of Defense.

Translated by Quynh Oanh