Troops evacuating people to safer places

As a result, hundreds of households with property and livestock were evacuated to safe places. The unit also organized teams to announce flood developments to locals, helping them resettle and adjust back to their normal lives.

As the water is receding in the upper reaches of the rivers in the locality, the military command has directed its troops to support locals to return to their houses, prevent epidemics and resume their normal life.

* On August 11, Central Military Hospital 108 and the Military School of Military Region 1 held a blood donation drive. Seven hundred officials, instructors, cadets and enlisted troops of the military school joined the program. More than 600 blood units were collected. The program served as a chance for youngsters to show their responsibility towards society.

* Earlier, a group of 20 young doctors from Military Hospital 105 provided free medical screening and health counseling  for more than 320 people in Tich Giang commune, Phuc Tho district (Hanoi).

During the program, cases that contracted acute and dangerous diseases were given consultation and introduced to hospitals of higher levels for suitable treatment. The Young Doctor Team of Military Hospital 105 was formed in March 2019. So far, the team has provided free health screening for 2,000 patients in the locality where Military Hospital 105 is stationed.

Translated by Huu Duong