Needy fishermen in Quang Ngai province received gifts

The meeting aimed to bring into full play the strength of the people’s great unity bloc, of the whole political system and coast guard force in firmly protecting the sovereignty, sovereign rights, security, order and safety of the seas and islands of the country as well as to effectively carry out fishermen-supporting activities.

Under the program, the signatories will boost information dissemination to raise people’s awareness of observing sea-related policies and laws and update local cadres, party members, armed forces and people with sea-related issues.

They will also coordinate with relevant organizations in the province in combating smuggling, trade, fraud and drug-trafficking as well as assisting locals in developing household economy and socio-cultural affairs and in reducing poverty sustainably, contributing to the good implementation of the new-style rural area building movement.

In addition, the coast guard force will help local fishermen in developing sustainable maritime economy and support and protect them while fishing in open sea, so that they will further contribute to maintaining national security and sovereignty over seas and islands.

To make the program successful, the Vietnam Coast Guard Command tasked the Coast Guard Region 2 Command to team up with Quang Ngai province to annually work out implementation plans and to biennially organize meetings to review results of the program.

According to Lieutenant General Hoang Van Dong, Political Commissar of the Vietnam Coast Guard, the “Coast guard force supports fishermen” program is an effective mass mobilization model which has been carried out by the Vietnam Coast Guard force in various island communes and districts nationwide. In the coming time, the Vietnam Coast Guard Command will sign more coordination programs with coastal provinces and cities to better support fishermen in fishing offshore. 

At the meeting, a representative from the Vietnam Coast Guard Command presented 200 gifts, valued at VND 200 million, to local fishermen in need.

Translated by Mai Huong