The fisherman showed symptoms of headache, fatigue and leg cramps after diving at a depth of 30m to catch seafood on August 13.

Doctors of Military Hospital 175 give health care services to the fisherman on the way to the mainland.

He was brought to Tien Nu island where he received first aid, and then moved to Phan Vinh island’s medical station where he got intensive treatment. However, his condition did not improve but worsened.

After a consultation via a telemedicine system with local medical staff, doctors the hospital concluded that the victim suffers Type 2 hypotension and gallstones. They proposed the transportation of the patient to the mainland by helicopter for treatment.

On August 14 night, a helicopter took off from Tan Son Nhat International Airport in Ho Chi Minh City, carrying doctors of the hospital to Phan Vinh island. The helicopter successfully and safely brought the patient to the hospital in the early morning of August 15.

The patient’s conditions have stabilized and doctors are working hard to avoid dangerous complications for the patient.

Source: VNA