At 19:45 on December 4, Ship 4039 received information about the distressed fisherman while working at the Vietnam - Malaysia shared maritime border.

A medical staff giving first aid to the fisherman

Reportedly, fisherman Nguyen Van Thuan (born in 1980), a crew-member of trawler BT-92186-TS, captained by Nguyen Van Tam (born in 1981 from Ben Tre province), had a serious accident at sea.

Earlier, the trawler’s net was caught in the rudder. In that case, Thuan had to dive into the sea to address the issue. However, his left hand stuck in the rudder, making the hand injured seriously.

Ship 4039 immediately approached the ship and gave the fisherman first aid while strictly adhering to COVID-19 prevention and control.

At 22:00 of the same day, the fisherman was handed over to his trawler to bring him ashore for further treatment.

Translated by Minh Anh