On the occasion of the unit’s 20th founding anniversary, the unit’s commander Major General Tran Quang Tuan granted an interview to reporter of the People’s Army Newspaper.

Reviewing the work of standing side by side with fishermen of the coast guards, Major General Tran Quang Tuan said that over the past time, the region has not only well enforced laws at sea and worked with other forces to ensure security, social order and safety, but also shared difficulties with and accompanied fishermen so that they would go fishing at sea and develop economy. They have implemented many programs themed “Coast guards standing side by side with fishermen" and “Coast guards and ethnic minorities and religious people,” attracting the support of local authorities and local people in the Central and Central Highlands region. These models have contributed to encouraging fishermen to keep fishing at sea.

Major General Tran Quang Tuan

Accordingly, annually, more than 2,500 gifts are handed over to national contributors, fishermen, needy ethnic minority and religious people; hundreds of scholarships and bicycles are given to poor students with good academic outcomes by the unit. These activities prove the care of the coast guards to needy people, contributing to helping local people reduce poverty and stabilize their life, while tightening military-civilian ties, and promoting patriotism, thereby raising public awareness of the cause of national construction and protection.

In order to innovate and raise political training quality to enhance synergy, the unit’s Party Committee and Chain-of-Command direct affiliates to promote political education and grasp troops’ ideology, thereby completing law enforcement work at sea.

Meanwhile, the region also took drastic measures to raise the quality of political education work, contributing to building a politically-strong unit, thereby raising synergy.

Major General Tran Quang Tuan inspects troops on duty.

Therefore, troops in the whole region are well aware of their responsibility, and coordinate to build the comprehensively-strong, “exemplary and typical” unit. Despite complicated developments at sea, all troops grasp situations, and promote their role in ensuring security, social order and safety at sea.

Regarding the illegal, unreported, and unregulated (IUU) fishing prevention work, over the past time, the region’s leaders have assigned tasks to each ship to ensure their readiness, grasp situation so as to address any arising issues during conducting patrols at sea.

In addition to boosting dissemination about law on IUU fishing prevention among fishermen, the unit has also worked with provincial authorities to organize conference to disseminate laws to all fishermen so that they do not violate foreign waters when fishing at sea.

They have also renovated dissemination contents and forms to ensure that all fishermen are well aware of laws on fishing, and encourage them to go fishing to both develop economy and protect national sovereignty over sea and islands.

During its 20 years of construction and development, in any circumstances, troops of the Coast Guard Region 2 Command always overcome difficulties to accomplish their assigned tasks, contributing to firmly safeguarding the national sovereignty over sea and islands, ensuring political and social order, and creating favorable conditions for fishermen to do business at sea.

Translated by Minh Anh