At noon on the same day, a blaze suddenly occurred in the wooden house of Lu A Binh, in Nam Chan hamlet, Na Co Sa commune, Nam Po district, Dien Bien province. One person in the family was slightly burned. No human casualty was reported.

Troops of Na Co Sa Border Post help the troubled family overcome the consequences of the fire.

In a very short time, the flame spread quickly throughout the house and destroyed all properties. Losses were estimated at around VND 250 million.

Once receiving the news, Na Co Sa Border Post sent troops to the scene to collaborate with local firefighters, authorities and people to extinguish the fire.

After the fire was put under control, the border post’s representatives inquired after, encouraged Binh’s family members and gave them 25kg of rice. At the same time, the border guards disseminated information to other residents about fire prevention and safety measures at home.

Na Co Sa Border Post presents 25 kilograms of rice to the troubled family.

In the following days, the border post has planned to assign troops to helping build a makeshift house for the family and further call upon sponsors for financial support to soon build a new house for the victims.

Translated by Minh Anh