Ia Lop border commune has 1,842 households with 6,605 people from 15 ethnic minority groups. Ethnic minority residents account for more than 52.44% of the population.

At present, local people are facing numerous difficulties since the weather in the area is harsh, cultivating land is barren, and poverty rate is high (accounting for nearly 70%). In spite of economic difficulties, the commune has strictly maintained political security, border security, social order and safety.

The above mentioned achievement comes from the timely leadership and direction of the Party Committee and authorities of Ia Lop commune. Under the leadership of the commune’s Party Committee and authorities, local agencies and organizations have well coordinated with the armed forces, especially Border Post 753 of the Dak Lak provincial Border Guard Command, Economic – Defense Mission 737 of Military Region 5, and Ea Sup’s Public Security to actualize the Prime Minister’s directive on mobilizing the whole community to participate in protecting national sovereignty and security in border areas in the new situation.

Speaking at the ceremony, Senior Colonel Dao Viet Hung, Commanding Officer of the Dak Lak provincial Border Guard Command, acknowledged and praised the local Party committee, authorities, the armed forces, agencies, units, organizations, individuals, and ethnic minority people in Ia Lop commune for their achievements over the past years.

Senior Colonel Dao Viet Hung asked local Party committees, authorities, branches, socio-political organizations, armed forces, and residents to continue to thoroughly grasp and implement the Prime Minister’s directive; improve the effectiveness of the movement of all people to participate in the protection of territorial sovereignty and border security in association with local movements; firmly consolidate the whole people’s border defense posture, and the whole people's security posture.

On this occasion, the Border Guard Command of Dak Lak province coordinated with local authorities, organizations, and individuals inside and outside the province to present gifts to policy beneficiaries and poor households in the area.

Senior Colonel Dao Viet Hung speaking at the ceremony

Outstanding collectives and individuals in the movement of all people to participate in the protection of territorial sovereignty and border security honored at the event

Ia Lop people receiving gifts
Locals having their health checked

Translated by Tran Hoai