Delivery at midnight

A Vao is a rural and difficult commune in Quang Tri province. Due to harsh weather and tough traffic conditions, its infrastructure has not been developed yet. In this case, over the past years, A Vao Border Post has actively worked with local authorities to help residents develop economy and improve their life, while taking due care of their health.

Recently, at 1:00 on September 13, receiving information that pregnant woman Ho Thi Lo (born in 2003, from Pa Ling village, A Vao commune, Dakrong district, Quang Tri province) was about to give birth to a 36-week-old fetus, Major Tran Minh Vu, a medical staff of A Vao military-civilian medical clinic, quickly rushed to the scene. After examining the case, he decided to support the woman to give birth at home. As a result, the mother successfully delivered a baby girl weighing 2kg. Their health is in stable condition now.

Taking care of the local people’s health

According to Major Vu, this was the fifth time his comrades and he had carried out the task since they worked at the medical clinic. Earlier, on February 16, the medical staff successfully helped another woman give birth to a 34-week-old fetus. Accordingly, Ho Thi Liem, born in 2003 in Pa Ling village, arrived at the medical clinic and received support from the soldier doctors. She then delivered a baby girl weighing 2.6kg.

“Small hospital” in border area

In April 2014, the Quang Tri provincial Border Guard Command inaugurated and put into operation A Vao military-civilian medical clinic, with two medical staffers. Despite its small scale, it is so-called the “small hospital” for local people in A Vao commune with wholehearted doctors and medical staff.

It was also a special mission for the border doctors because they are working in border and remote areas, with harsh weather and traffic conditions. Therefore, the doctors are required to have high ability and responsibility to accomplish their difficult missions.

Recently, at 21:30 on April 23, Major Vu treated two cases of mushroom poisoning, who are Ho Thi Be’s children from Pa Ling village. They then were induced to vomit, received heart injections and intravenous fluids. Their health is stable now.

The noble deed of Major Vu was praised by the unit, so as to encourage him and his comrades to overcome difficulties to fulfill all assigned missions.

In addition, they also provided free health check-ups and medicines to troops stationed in the areas, local people, and Lao people living along the shared borderline. For nearly ten years, they have taken care of the health of Lao people in Ro Ro village, Cluster 2, Sa Muoi district, Salavan province, Laos.

Political Commissar of A Vao Border Post Major Bui Huy Tinh noted that the practical activities of the border doctors have left good impressions on local people, while boosting the solidarity between the Vietnamese and Lao people.

Source: Baobienphong

Translated by Minh Anh