The event was organized by the Center for Vietnam Youth Talents, Science and Technology (CYTAST) under the Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union Central Committee in June.

With this achievement the team of Center 586 has contributed to affirming the military’s reputation and prestige in the field of information technology.

In this contest, the creative idea of three young officers (Captain Ngo Hai Linh, First Lieutenant Nguyen Anh Viet, First Lieutenant Pham Van Dan) and a collaborator won fastidious judges.

The team of Center 586 wins the Oraichain Hackathon contest in 2022.

According to Captain Ngo Hai Linh, the contest was a programming playground for participants to create products by combining blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI), two most strongly developed technologies at present. The combination of these two new technologies is powered by the Oraichain platform for the first time.

In the qualifying round, the team of Center 586 impressed the jury with a logical project summary. In the final round, members of the team did not sleep for 24 hours to concretize ideas, complete the products, and successfully make project defense presentation.

First Lieutenant Pham Van Dan said that through the contest, participants had an opportunity to enhance their programming skills and deeply understand about blockchain and AI. The team’s next target is continuing studying and developing new technologies to serve task implementation of the unit in particular and the whole military in general.

Earlier in April, 2022, Center 586’s team with members of “9X” generation (people born in 1990s) ranked second in the Governmental Office-launched exercise to ensure network information security for the National Public Service Portal.

Talking about the unit’s achievements over the past time, Center 586’s Director Lieutenant Colonel Nguyen Van Bac said that the majority of the unit’s personnel are young. With dynamism, creativity, and high responsibility, the young officers have mastered many new technologies, created valuable products, and made important contributions to the unit’s task accomplishment.

Translated by Tran Hoai