General Phan Van Giang speaks at the event.

Reports revealed that in March under the leadership of the Central Military Commission (CMC)’s Standing Committee and the Ministry of National Defense (MND), the whole military synchronously and drastically carried out and comprehensively completed military and defense tasks. Notably, agencies and units well maintained combat readiness; managed designated airspace, sea, border, mainland, and cyberspace; ensured smooth communication for missions; firmly protected national sovereignty; and closely worked with relevant forces to ensure security at localities across the country.

In the month, training was effectively carried out. In addition, the whole military strictly observed regulations, strengthened patrol and guard to ensure security and safety of agencies and units; actively adjusted force organization and ensured technical equipment for training and combat readiness missions.

The whole military well implemented political and ideological education; effectively disseminated military and defense missions and good examples; actively combated wrongful viewpoints to protect the Party’s ideological foundation. Agencies and units well coordinated to serve the Prime Minister’s meeting with forces implementing the search and rescue mission in Turkey, reviewed the 30-year implementation of the movement on building cultural environment in the military, organized activities to mark the 80th anniversary of of the Outline of Vietnamese Culture and the 110th birthday of General Chu Huy Man. Logistic, technical, and defense industry work was effectively and substantively implemented.

At the meeting

Speaking at the event, General Phan Van Giang highlighted the responsibility and determination of leadership and troops in the whole military. He evaluated that the whole military well accomplished assigned missions in March. Clarifying domestic and international situations that may affect the implementation of military and defense missions, General Giang asked the whole military to strictly observe combat readiness, closely follow situational developments to make timely recommendations to effectively deal with circumstances, cooperate with other forces to manage and protect border areas and ensure security in localities, especially during holidays and at important events. 

Regarding training mission, the Defense Minister asked agencies and units to review training activities in the first month of the training season, develop measures to raise training quality, and safely organize drills.

An overview of the event

Emphasizing the importance of political education, General Giang asked units’ leaderships to closely follow and promote information dissemination to orient troops’ thoughts, and recognize and combat wrongful viewpoints to protect the Party’s ideological foundation. He urged the whole military to effectively carry out defense external affairs, ensure logistic supplies and technical services for missions, and pay attention to training. 

Translated by Tran Hoai