General Luong Cuong speaks at the event.

General Cuong made the request at a meeting of the Emulation and Reward Council held on June 28 in Hanoi.

At the event, the council spoke highly of the comprehensive performance of the emulation and reward work and the “Determined-to-win” emulation movement in the first six months of this year thanks to sound and close direction from  leaders at all levels.

The council stressed that the “Determined-to-win” emulation movement has been carried out widely, intensively, and closely attached to the “Studying and following President Ho Chi Minh’s thought, morality, and style” and “Promoting traditions, devoting talent, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers” programs and other patriotism movements.

At the event

Attentively, such a movement has been a driving force for troops and soldiers in the whole military to bring into full play the revolutionary heroism, patriotism, and steadfast political stance, absolute loyalty to the Party, Fatherland and people, promote solidarity, exemplary spirit, readiness to undertake and fulfill all assignments. In addition, it has helped raise quality of training, exercises, strong unit building as well as boost international integration and defense diplomacy in an active, proactive, flexible and effective manner alongside active implementation of logistic and technical services, defense industry, and scientific research work.

The movement has also contributed to building healthy and strong party cells, strong units and forces in all aspects, and to mission fulfillment of the whole military in the first half of 2022.

With  the gained achievements, a number of good examples have been honored and multiplied.

Participants at the event

In his concluding speech, General Cuong, who is also permanent member of the Central Military Commission and Director of the General Department of Political Affairs, acknowledged and highly appreciated the high sense of responsibility and preparatory quality of the standing agency and each member of the council.

He urged the whole military to promote achievements, speed up the emulation movement “United, exemplary, disciplinary, flexible, creative, determined-to-win,” and strive to fulfill all duties for this year.

He noted the renovation in political education, management over troops’ thought, strict observance of higher levels’ directives and programs on Party-building, resolution on promoting Uncle Ho’s soldiers’ virtues and fight against individualism, among others.

Participants at the event

Apart from the aforementioned major events to be held in the year, General Cuong also asked for the completion of projects to mark the 80th founding anniversary of the Vietnam People’s Army (December 22, 1944 - 2024), and 35th anniversary of the All People’s Defense Festive Day (December 22, 1989 - 2024).

Emphasizing the role and efficiency of the emulation and reward work in inspiring troops to perform political tasks, General Cuong requested involved agencies and units to implement the work in an accurate, timely, democratic, and open manner.

Further dissemination of information about outstanding collectives and individuals, new factors, good persons and deeds to widely spread noble images of Uncle Ho’s soldiers should be sped up, General Cuong asked. 

Translated by Mai Huong