Lieutenant General Trinh Van Quyet addressing the event

Unlike previous contests, the contest this year has been held via an online format for the first time connecting 54 military units in the whole military.

The contest is divided into two rounds with three main contents, namely dissemination outlining, presentation, and dissemination knowledge tests.

Especially, the organizing panel will use software for the lot-drawing for the orders of candidates’ performances and the multiple-choices dissemination knowledge test.

Participating in the contest are 76 outstanding cadres from units under the Central Military Commission and Ministry of National Defense.

Candidates at the preliminary round of the contest

Speaking at the event, Lieutenant General Trinh Van Quyet, Deputy Chief of the GDP, stressed that the Whole-Military Orators Contest 2021 is part of the important political activities to promote information dissemination of information about the Party’s guideline and policies, the State’s laws, especially about the special emulation program “The military joins national efforts to defeat COVID-19.”

Together with evaluating the quality of dissemination implementation and task performance of the orators at their military units, the contest also helps them improve their knowledge and professional skills, contributing to building an elite, compact, strong and gradually-modernized military with some forces going straight to being modernized in 2025 aiming to modernize the entire military as from 2030.

In addition, the organizing panel will select the most prominent orators to join the National Orators Contest held by the Party Central Committee’s Commission for Information and Education.

Translated by Quynh Oanh