Combining planning with building firm defensive area

Embracing and implementing the Politburo’s Conclusion No.64-KL/TW issued on October 30, 2019 on promoting the implementation of Resolution No.28-NQ/TW dated September 22, 2008 on building provinces and cities into firm defensive areas in the current context, Kim Bang district’s authorities always attach much importance to building the defensive area in line with building the all-people national defense and people's security.

Leaders of the Ha Nam provincial Military Command and Kim Bang district's Military Command inspecting preparation work for the training season in 2023

Especially, local programs and projects on developing the economy, culture, and society have been combined with planning on building military posture in defensive areas, with a spirit of "economic development in line with strengthening national defense and security."

Therefore, the district’s authorities have closely worked with relevant forces to mobilize all economic resources to ensure defense and security, exploit local potential to attract investment and ensure social welfare, and combine socio-economic development with defense - security enhancement. It has also invested in building constructions, meeting all the defensive requirements of the locality.

Over the past years, the district has focused on building new-style rural areas to improve defense potential, self-ensure food security, and increase accumulation capacity for defense tasks. Besides, it also promoted traffic infrastructure and maintained communications and medical systems to both ensure socio-economic development and serve defense tasks.

Comprehensively strong armed forces

In order to raise the synergy and combat readiness competence of the armed forces, authorities and Military Command in Kim Bang district have adjusted plans on defensive operation, natural disasters’ prevention and control, as well as search and rescue mission.

Training promoted among troops

At the same time, they have instructed subordinates to supplement plans and documents for combat readiness according to close-to-reality scenarios.

Reportedly, the district’s Military Command directed and educated troops to be well aware of the traditions and missions of the military and locality; while continuing to innovate political education among troops, and in combination with law dissemination, via an emulation campaign themed "Promoting tradition, devoting talent, deserving to be Uncle Ho’s soldiers," among others.

Annually, Kim Bang district conducts political education courses for troops as scheduled, with good and excellent results. Meanwhile, the local Party Committee also focuses on personnel work and promotes training quality.

The achievements have made important contributions to the building of a firm defensive area, political and economic as well as military potentials of the district.

Furthermore, the local armed forces have also been strengthened, meeting the requirements of Fatherland protection in the current context, paving the way for developing socio-economy and raising people’s living standards.

Translated by Minh Anh