Sr. Lt. Gen. Do Can presents the first prize to the team from the Political Officer Candidate School.

One hundred and eight contestants from 18 teams competed in four parts, namely presentation, response test, multiple-choice test, and topic-based eloquence. The contestants demonstrated a good level of theoretical awareness, understanding about socio-political affairs, and their comprehensive, in-depth theoretical knowledge, rich content and reasonable structure in their presentation and eloquence.

In his speech, General Can highly valued achievements gained by the participating teams. He asked military academies, universities and schools to build a competent contingent of instructors to meet the mission requirement of “fundamentally and comprehensively renovating education and training, improving the quality of human resources, and developing people."

Three individuals with best eloquence results receive certificates of merit.

He also requested both instructors and trainees to further study Marxism-Leninism and Ho Chi Minh’s thought to become cadres having firm political stance, theoretical thought, capable of organizing practical activities and be a key force in information dissemination, in the fight against wrongful views of hostile forces, reactionaries, political opportunists, and in protection of the Party’s ideological foundation.

At the event, the organizing panel presented one first, two second, three third and six consolation prizes to the best teams. The team from the Political Officer Candidate School won the first prize.

The organizers also gave certificates of merit to three individuals with best eloquence, six groups and individuals with outstanding performances to ensure the contest a success.

Translated by Mai Huong