In over 20 days, the missions toured and sent greetings on the occasion of the coming lunar New Year (Tet) 2022 to officers and soldiers on the islands and the platforms as well as local authorities and islanders in the Southern waters of the country.

Congratulating the missions just finishing trips to islands and DK1 platforms

Reportedly, despite of harsh weather conditions, the two missions successfully handed over Tet gifts from the mainland to the offshore soldiers and islanders with absolute safety.

Via the missions, leaders of the units stationed on islands and platforms expressed their sincere thanks to the Party, State, military and people in the mainland for their care for the on-duty troops and islanders ahead Tet holiday.

Presenting certificates of merit to outstanding individuals

Meanwhile, they underlined that all units are trying their best with high determination to promote combat readiness and training quality, support fishermen doing business at sea, enjoy a safe and cozy Tet holiday, and seriously hold vigilance to protect national sovereignty over designated waters and islands.

On this occasion, the Naval Region 2 Command presented merit certificates to individuals and collectives with outstanding contribution to the success of the trips.

Translated by Song Anh