PANO - The High Command of the Air Defence-Air Force Service on August 5th held a solemn ceremony to mark the first victory of the troops and people in the North over US air force and navy 50 years ago. 

In his opening speech, Lieutenant General Phuong Minh Hoa, the Service’s Commander, recalled the day of August 5th, 1964 when air defence-air force and naval troops, with high vigilance, combat readiness and strong will, teamed up with Northern troops and people to combat and win over the first large-scale air strike of US invaders. They shot down eight aircraft and arrested one pilot. That victory was an important landmark in the anti-American resistance war for national salvation and in the history of the Service.

Senior Lieutenant General Ngo Xuan Lich (second from left) meets with delegates at the ceremony

Addressing the ceremony, Senior Lieutenant General Ngo Xuan Lich, Director of the General Department of Politics of the Vietnam People’s Army, laid stress on valuable lessons drawn from the first victory, including the high revolutionary vigilance, high determination of “daring to combat, determined to combat and knowing how to win a victory”, the spiritual political strength created to win over any wars, and the building of the people’s air defence order of battle in the people’s war.

Emphasizing the importance to building a modern Air Defence-Air Force Service, General Lich asked the service to be active to defeat any air-borne enemies. To do that, its troops must inherit, develop and apply creatively and flexibly lessons from the first victory in accomplishing their missions of controlling and protecting national airspace.

He also requested the unit to boost ideological and political education to raise troops’ awareness of the national protection mission and to heighten revolutionary vigilance, surmount difficulties to fulfil all assigned tasks. Besides, the Service should study and evaluate hostile forces’ schemes and sabotage activities to deal with circumstances.

The Service was also reminded to raise its combat strength, ensure training and flight safety, effective use of equipment, invest in both human resources and technologies and cooperate with localities to well carry out search and rescue missions, overcome the aftermath of natural disasters, as well as maintain traditional virtue of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the new period.

Translated by Mai Huong