After inspecting barracks, training facilities, and regularity building quality at MR5’s Military School and Signal Brigade 575, General Giang had a meeting with the MR5 Command.

At the meeting between the visiting delegation and key cadres of the units, Lieutenant General Nguyen Long Cang and Lieutenant General Tran Quang Phuong, Commander and Political Commissar of the region, respectively, briefed the Chief of the VPA’s General Staff on their task performance from the beginning of this year.

General Giang encourages troops of Military Region 5.

Since the beginning of the year, the MR5’s Party Committee and chain-of-command have closely coordinated with local Party organizations and authorities to carry out military-security missions.

Meanwhile, its affiliated units strictly maintained combat readiness, conducted military training in accordance with the approved plans, ensured logistics and technical services to meet the task requirements, and well conducted Party and political work.

Hailing the military region’s achievements, General Giang asked them to work closely with local Party organizations and authorities to build a strong whole-people defense posture, team up with relevant forces to deal with any arising problems, promote military training and combat readiness quality, strengthen the building of a regular and disciplined unit, and take due care of troops and their relatives.

Finally, he assigned relevant agencies to summarizing proposals of the military region to submit to the VPA’s General Staff and the Defense Ministry for consideration.

Translated by Van Hieu