In the first ten months of this  year, MR3 Party Committee directed its troops to strictly implement all instructions and resolutions of the Party, State, Central Military Commission (CMC) and Ministry of National Defense (MND) on military and defense tasks. They were directed to ensure a combat readiness posture while promptly managing situations in the air, at sea, along borderline, and on the cyberspace, contributing to firmly protecting national sovereignty and political security in the region.

Senior Lieutenant General Le Huy Vinh chairs the working session.

Concluding the working session, General Vinh affirmed that in the current context of the country, apart from advantages, there are still many difficulties and challenges, especially hostile forces’ activities against the Party, the State and the military. Therefore, the region should embrace the Resolution of the CMC for missions in 2021 while attaching much importance to leadership in order to fulfill all assigned missions.

In addition to building a comprehensively strong unit to fulfill training missions with absolute safety, the unit should also foster external defense relations. The Deputy Defense Minister also asked MR3 to ensure logistic and technical services and take care of troops’ health, as well as deploy troops to implement search and rescue missions if requested.

The MR3’s command was also requested to build a healthy and strong Party organization in line with a comprehensively strong unit while effectively implementing mobilization and gratitude activities.

Translated by Khanh Ngan