General Truong and General Son's family in a joint photo

At the reception, General Truong said that the anniversary was an opportunity to honor great contributions of the late general to the Vietnamese and Chinese revolutionary causes.

He also affirmed that General Son was a staunch communist and one of the outstanding disciples of President Ho Chi Minh. The Party, State, people and military always bear in mind the general’s great contributions to the Vietnam People’s Army. He was the only person promoted to the rank of Major General in both Vietnam and China, and one of the very first generals of the Vietnam People’s Army and the Chinese People's Liberation Army. Therefore, the peoples of both countries called him the "general of two countries."

On behalf of his family, General Son’s son, Chen Han Feng, thanked General Truong for his warm reception. He also expressed his gratitude to the Ministry of National Defense’s (MND) leadership for creating favorable conditions to successfully organize the general’s 110th birth anniversary. He also said that all family members of the general would continue making contributions to boosting the traditional solidarity between the two countries.

Translated by Minh Anh