PANO The Military Medical University on July 28th announced that the institution and Viet Duc Hospital had successfully conducted 4 transplantation cases.

On the morning of July 27th, a patient who fell off from the second floor of a house and was concluded by Military Hospital 103 of the Military Medical University brain-dead. The patient’s kin people agreed to donate his body for scientific purposes.

The hospital looked for patients in high need for organ transplant. To ensure the success of transplant operations, doctors conducted a number of tests on both organ donors and recipients.

Doctors of the hospital in one of the transplant surgeries

Finally, they found three suitable patients of whom one needed a heart transplant and two needed kidney transplants. Meanwhile, another patient at Viet-Duc Hospital had a liver cancer and also needed a liver transplant.

Doctors of Military Hospital 103 and Viet-Duc Hospital conducted operations to transplant organs of the brain-dead into the four patients on the evening of July 27.

Professor, Doctor and Major General Do Quyet, Director of the Military Medical University on July 28 affirmed that the three organ transplant operations at Military Hospital 103 were successful.

He also said that the hospital’s success has demonstrated its doctors’ improved ability and expertise in treating serious illnesses at the military medical facilities.

“We will collaborate closely with other civilian peers in improving the hospital’s capacity with the aim of bettering its healthcare services for both military and civilian patients,” he added.

Translated by Thu Nguyen