At the working session, General Quyet praised the achievements obtained by the Military Literature Magazine over the past time and the great contributions of military writers in general and the Military Literature Magazine in particular to Vietnamese literature.

Lt. Gen. Trinh Van Quyet speaks at the event

Quyet affirmed that their works have contributed to popularizing the virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers to the Vietnamese people and international friends and enriching the spiritual and cultural lives of soldiers throughout the military.

Regarding their missions in the coming time, the Deputy Chief of the General Department of Politics asked the magazine’s staff to promote unity, strictly observe military discipline, and thoroughly embrace the Party’ and State’s viewpoints on preserving and developing Vietnamese literature.

Quyet encouraged the Military Literature Magazine’s writers to write more articles against erroneous allegations of reactionary and hostile forces to protect the Party's ideological basis.

He urged the magazine to promote information dissemination to raise troops’ will and determination to overcome all challenges, thus enriching the virtues of Uncle Ho’s soldiers in the national construction and defense cause.

Furthermore, the Military Literature Magazine should cooperate with other units to train future writers for the military, contributing to raising the quality of literary works on Uncle Ho’s soldiers.

Translated by Tran Hoai