The statement was made by a mission from the Department of Military Medicine, headed by its deputy director Senior Colonel Nguyen Huu My, during its working visit to the hospital on March 15.

Checking preparation for COVID-19 vaccination drive

Military Hospital 175 is carrying out the first COVID-19 inoculation drive in Vietnam.

In this drive, personnel of Level-2 Field Hospital Rotation 3 are the first to be vaccinated as they will take part in UN peacekeeping operations at the UN mission along with on-duty troops at seas and on islands, senior officers in South Vietnam, officers in South Vietnam going overseas, staff of several departments under Military Hospital 175, and border troops working along the borderline.

Highlighting the hospital’s preparations for the drive, the mission asked the hospital to seriously conduct the drive, contributing to the country’s efforts in COVID-19 prevention and control.

Translated by Mai Huong