PANO – The provincial Military Command of Gia Lai on July 28th held a conference reviewing the implementation of new policies devised by Military Region 5 in the period of 2011-2015.

Photo for illustration

Under the new policies, each fully manned battalion or equivalent is supposed to help reduce poverty for a household and eliminate hunger for another in a year. Over the past five years, units and agencies of the provincial military command have actively guided local people to effectively apply modern husbandry and planting models as well as supported needy households with breeding cattle. Apart from that, units and agencies of the command have also built compassion houses and coordinated with social policy banks to facilitate households in accessing loans. As a result, So far, 11 households got rid of hunger and 63 others lifted from poverty.

In response to the policy “Rice jar for the poor”, units and agencies of the provincial military command have saved 69,000kg of rice, equivalent to VND 832 million. This saving fund was used to buy gifts for 241 families of needy troops in the command’s units and agencies and 430 gifts for policy and extremely needy households.

The provincial military command has also actively supported localities in building new-style rural areas.

Translated by Huu Duong