At the meeting, Deputy Commander and Chief of Staff of MR9, Major General Truong Minh Khai briefed the mission of the VPA’s General Staff on MR9’s task performance since early this year and its missions in the second half of this year.

Accordingly, the MR9 instructed its affiliated units to strictly observe combat readiness regulations, closely work with other forces to grasp local situations, and evaluate and make accurate forecasts to effectively handle any urgent situations.

In addition, they made efforts to implement external border affairs while promoting the building of border patrol roads.

At the meeting

Besides, the region’s command has also actively innovated the contents and approaches to training, improved quality and effectiveness of the implementation of defense-security education, organized exercises with absolute safety, and launched many activities in response to the emulation movement of “The armed forces joining hands to build new-style rural areas,” to name but a few.

For the rest of the year, affiliated units of MR9 will maintain duty regulations, be active in any situations that may arise, and set forces and equipment for rescue missions if required.

Meanwhile, they will pay due attention to promoting training quality, observing military disciplines and regulations, and providing sufficient logistic services for units of the region to fulfill assigned missions.

Concluding the event, General Tien hailed the military region’s task performance and asked them to strictly maintain combat readiness posture while coordinating with relevant forces to ensure political security and thoroughly embracing local situations, especially in major areas. The region should also continue following higher levels’ instructions and resolutions on building defensive areas.

Translated by Khanh Ngan