General Luong Cuong speaking at the event

At the meeting on December 2, in Hanoi, the participants heard a report confirming that in November, the whole military effectively carried out Party and political work with close attachment to military-defense missions, completed both routine and unscheduled duties, boosted political and ideological education, fought wrong views of hostile forces, and protected the Party’s ideological foundation.

Military agencies and units realized higher levels’ resolutions, actively prepared for meetings reviewing task implementation in 2021 and deploying missions for the next year.

Notably, they well performed other duties, such as COVID-19 prevention and control, internal political protection, and mass mobilization, in line with new normal situation.

Concluding the meeting, General Cuong highly appreciated and applauded the GDP affiliates for their great efforts and achievements.

Regarding key tasks for December, the GPD director asked its affiliates to better the political and ideological education, actively protect the Party’s ideological foundation, promote Uncle Ho’s soldiers’ good virtue, fight individualism, boost dissemination of information about outcomes of military, defense task performance, and defense diplomacy with a focus on the first-ever Vietnam - Laos border defense friendship exchange, and founding anniversaries of the Vietnam People’s Army, the Whole People’s Defense Festive Day, and the GDP.

Delegates at the event

They should also complete reports on military-defense affairs, building of Military Party Organization, launch “Determination to Win” emulation movements, and organize year-end meetings.

Also at the meeting, the organizer of the meeting announced decisions on granting certificates of merit presented by the Prime Minister and Minister of National Defense to individuals and groups with achievements in organizing election of deputies to the 15th National Assembly and all-level People’s Councils for the 2021-2026 period, and in COVID-19 prevention and control during the fourth COVID-19 outbreak.

Translated by Mai Huong