GDDI Director Lieutenant General Ho Quang Tuan chaired the event.

Lt. Gen. Ho Quang Tuan speaking at the event
Lt. Gen. Ho Quang Tuan and delegates planting a tree at Factory Z183

Over the past years, the GDDI has directed its agencies and units to plant green trees, contributing to protecting the environment, mitigating natural disasters, reducing the greenhouse effect and building green, clean, and beautiful barracks. Meanwhile, the agencies and units have coordinated with local authorities and people in stationed areas to effectively implement forest fire prevention and fighting and forest protection.

Since 2021, the GDDI has planted 171,263 timber trees, 5,023 fruit trees and more than 125 hectares of forest, contributing to successfully implementing the “For a Green Vietnam” program launched by the Prime Minister.

The GDDI presenting a gift to Factory Z183

Addressing the event, Senior Colonel Vuong Chi Toai, Director of Factory Z183, stated that the factory has promoted education work about tree planting among troops. As a result, each year, the unit plants and takes care of 2,000 green trees in the barracks. This year, the unit has set a target to plant 300 Pterocarpus macrocarpus and look after 3,000 Red Dalbergia tonkinensis trees. By 2025, it strives to have planted more than 10,000 green trees.

After the launching ceremony, the GDDI and workers of Factory Z183 planted trees around the barracks.

Translated by Song Anh