Military Region 7 is trying its best to repatriate more remains of martyrs

As many sets of martyrs’ remains have not been identified, the work needed to be speeded up due to changes in terrain and time.

In the dry season 2015-2016, Team K71 of the Tay Ninh provincial Military Command found 83 sets of martyrs’ remains, which were troops of Division 5 of Military Region 7. Since 2015, the team has searched over 1,795 locations and brought home 446 sets of martyrs’ remains.

Recently, the Steering Board for the Search and Collection of Fallen Soldiers' Remains (Steering Board 1237 in short) of Dong Nai province found a mass grave of fallen soldiers of Battalion 1 of Regiment 4 (Division 5) and of Commando Battalion (U1 Bien Hoa) of the Dong Nai provincial Armed Forces. These troops died in the Battle of Bien Hoa Airport on January 31, 1968.

From the beginning of 2017, Military Region 7 collaborated with relevant forces to collect and repatriate 690 sets of martyrs’ remains at home and in Cambodia.

During the two national resistance wars against foreign invaders and the international service in Cambodia, around 105,000 Vietnamese troops and volunteer soldiers died in Military Region 7 and Cambodian localities. However, the military region’s relevant forces collected only 12,967 sets of martyrs’ remains at home and 8,529 abroad.

Other localities in the military region also worked together to speed up their search and collection for martyrs’ remains.

Translated by Trung Thanh