PANO - Recently, Division 316 (Military Zone 2) successfully conducted the combined arms command and staff exercise 2014.

As an intensive form of training, the exercise this time has helped improve leadership and command ability for staff officiers at all levels, boosting combat readiness and mobility capabilities for the division’s units while enhancing combat coordination with local armed forces.

The exercise also helped raise the division’s training quality, combat readiness and leadership, and staff capabilities, accurately evaluate logistics and preparation for the exercise, and draw lessons to complete combat plans in line with reality.

Below are some images of the exercise.

MZ2 Commander inspecting preparation prior to combat.
DKZ-SPG-9 battery of Company 1, Battalion 15, Division 316, in action.
Artillery Brigade 168 providing fire support for Battalion 9, Division 316, in offensive.
Air defence Battalion of Brigade 297 suppressing airborne targets, providing fire support for friendly forces.



Translated by Huu Duong