Sr. Lt. Gen. Le Huy Vinh waters a freshly-planted memorial tree at Depot KT580.

During the visit to Depot KT580, the deputy defense minister was reported on the unit’s task performance in the first six months of this year. In particular, the depot arranged weapons and technical equipment as planned, ensured electricity, lightning protection systems, carried out training programs, and organized examinations for its non-commissioned officers to review their qualifications and vocational skills.

The depot also worked closely with local relevant forces and police, contributing to maintaining security in the area where the depot is stationed.

General Vinh checked the depot’s firefighting prevention activities and pointed out shortcomings to ensure absolute safety of personnel, weapons and other equipment.

Deputy Defense Minister Le Huy Vinh addresses the working session with Depot J250.

At Depot J250 of the Department of Vehicles and Machinery, General Vinh hailed the unit’s duty implementation. He emphasized the extreme importance of management of strategic depots and the necessity of good maintenance, durable use, strict management of materiel. He asked the unit to focus on ensuring absolute safety of the depot and warehouses, and building a comprehensively-strong unit.

On the occasion, the deputy defense chief planted memorial trees at depots he visited.

During the visits to Firm Z751, Depot K888, Depot 860 under the Department of Vehicles and Machinery and Factory Z756 under the Engineering Corps, General Vinh applauded their good performance of tasks.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Le Huy Vinh speaks during the visit to Factory Z756.

He urged them to focus the leadership on implementing key political duties, ensuring safety, double-checking electricity systems and fire-fighting prevention plans, especially during raining season.

The units were also asked to strengthen rehearsals of safety assurance scenarios, apply science and technology advances to manufacturing, storing, and repairing weapons, and other military vehicles.

General Vinh reminded the unit to boost the building of strong organizations, production, improvement of troops’ life and close ties with local party committee, authorities, and people, and manufacturing of more quality products.

Translated by Mai Huong