This request was made by Deputy Chief and Party Secretary of the General Staff Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan during a meeting with the Two-tier Military Court of Hanoi on November 3.

General Tan added that together with fulfilling key political missions, the Two-tier Military Court of Hanoi should make more recommendations for the General Staff’s leadership to issue policies to prevent crimes and violations of laws and military discipline. The unit should also diversify its law dissemination methods, contributing to the fight against social crimes.

General Tan speaks at the working session

According to Chief Judge of the Hanoi Military Court Colonel Pham Minh Khoi, since the beginning of this year, the Two-tier Military Court of Hanoi completed the trial of 23 out of 26 cases, including complicated ones.

Khoi said that to fulfil all assigned missions, the Court has paid attention to embracing the Party’s guidelines, State’s policies, higher levels’ directives, as well as professional directions of the Supreme People's Court and the Central Military Court. In addition, judges have carefully studied criminal records and strictly followed trial regulations, contributing to dealing with cases accurately and objectively while ensuring people’s rights, citizens' rights, as well as legitimate rights and benefits of organizations and individuals.

In addition, the court strictly solved complaints in line with regulations of the Criminal Procedure Code of Vietnam and Law on Complaints and Denunciations while focusing on law dissemination and education.

At the meeting, General Tan asked relevant agencies to sum up opinions and recommendations from the Two-tier Military Court of Hanoi and submit it to the General Staff’s leadership for approval. 

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of foundation day of the judicial sector, the Supreme People's Court handed over “For Judicial Cause” insignias to Lieutenant General Phung Si Tan, Political Chief of the General Staff Major General Chu Van Doan, and Chief Judge of the Hanoi Military Court Colonel Pham Minh Khoi in recognition of their active contributions to the development of the sector.

Translated by Tran Hoai