The mission checked the unit’s embracing and realizing the Chief of the General Staff’s Direction No.1090 on military and defense work in 2022, combat readiness duties, combat documents, defense land use and management, force-building, personnel organization, materiel, training, and observance of military discipline and State law.

Sr. Lt. Gen. Huynh Chien Thang addresses the inspecting visit.

The coordination with relevant forces to grasp developments of situations, political security and social order and safety in stationed areas, and other duties related to party and political work, assurance of logistical, technical, and financial services for task performance were also inspected this time.

On hearing reports and directly checking the unit’s real situations, Sr. Lt. Gen. Huynh Chien Thang, who is also a member of the Party Central Committee, applauded affiliated units of Division 9 for their task performance.

He highlighted their strict implementation of training and combat readiness tasks, building of force, exploitation of assigned weapons and equipment, among others.

The deputy chief of the General Staff directly inspects units under Division 9.

The deputy chief of the General Staff asked Division 9 to fix shortcomings pointed out by the mission during the inspecting visit, and continue to strictly maintain training and combat readiness work.

Division 9 was also requested to keep a close watch on the political security, social order and safety in the locality where it is stationed, manage troops’ thoughts, ensure policies for target people according to regulations.

Translated by Mai Huong