Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San speaks at the event.

The event was chaired by Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San, Deputy Minister of National Defense, and attended by Lieutenant General Nguyen Van Gau, Deputy Chief of the General Department of Political Affairs and representatives of agencies and units under the Ministry of National Defense.

In the 2016-2020 period, the Defense Ministry was assigned to conduct two national target programs on new-style rural area building and sustainable poverty reduction. To complete the assignment, the Ministry of National Defense built documents, gave specific tasks to agencies and units, and worked closely with local authorities.

In realizing the national target program on new-style rural area building, the Ministry of National Defense effectively carried out many activities, contributing to promoting local socio-economic development in association with military and defense consolidation. To complete the national target program on sustainable poverty reduction, the ministry conducted the project, "Replicating the model of poverty reduction associated with national defense and security" in 24 districts and 11 provinces in the project area of 15 economic-defense zones. Defense-economic delegations deployed more than 100 poverty reduction models, organized hundreds of training classes and field conferences, and transferred livestock and farming techniques. Nearly 6,000 households were directly benefited from the project. The annual rate of poor households in the project area decreased from 4% to 5%.

At the conference

Concluding the conference, Senior Lieutenant General Vu Hai San praised agencies and units for their outstanding outcomes in carrying out national target programs over the past time. To enhance the effectiveness of the implementation of contents in national target programs in 2023 and the time to come, the deputy defense minister asked agencies and units to review and propose plans on allocating funds for units to ensure the progress.  

In addition, functional agencies should guide and support agencies and units in performing missions assigned by the Defense Ministry, review and report on arising problems in performing tasks, organize thorough training on the procedures for selecting contractors in the implementation of the programs’ contents and component projects, propose a plan to allocate funds for the "Development of vocational education in poor and disadvantaged areas" project.

The defense leader also urged agencies and units to accelerate the progress of project appraisal and approval and ensure the economical and efficient use of funds without affecting the reputation of the military. The units directly implementing the project must closely coordinate with local party committees and authorities; give open and transparent support to people, send staff to provide professional and technical guidance for people, and support locals in monitoring and evaluating results. 

Translated by Tran Hoai